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What is the Casa Paoli ?

This elegant and stately 19th century building, located in the scenic city of Ponce, Puerto Rico, is the restored residence of the great Puerto Rican tenor Antonio Paoli, "the tenor of kings and the king of tenors"—in his time, an artist admired around the world.


The historic building is part of the cultural heritage of Puerto Rico and is one of the most important places to visit in the southwestern area of the island. It was the birthplace of tenor Antonio Paoli (1871–1946), an artist recognized as the "first Puerto Rican to achieve international recognition in the performing arts" and "one of the most outstanding opera singers of all time." Casa Paoli was the artist's home as a child, and the place where he lived with his family until he was twelve years old.


After its restoration in1987, the building was transformed into a house-museum to honor his memory. It also became the home of the Puerto Rican Center for Folkloric Research.

In 2009, it was accepted into the National Register of Historic Places. The maintenance and restoration of this great site has been the arduous work of a small group of citizens that are proud of the musical and folkloric legacy of their country. They have managed to create an impressive cultural center, home to not only several fascinating exhibitions, workshops and public activities, but also replete with historical archives that have formed the basis of numerous important publications on the life and work of great island artists, and on the island's musical genres and folklore.

Casa Paoli currently houses the Puerto Rican Folkloric Research Center, Inc. [Centro de Investigaciones Folklóricas de Puerto Rico, Inc.] and a regional center of the Puerto Rican Foundation for the Humanities. It is sponsored by the Flamboyán Fund for the Arts.

"The Center has distinguished itself by creating and implementing highly effective innovative projects. Likewise, it has been characterized for the promotion of research and study in neglected or under-served areas, serving as a forum for groups that do not have the support from other institutions. "                                                                                    La Perla del Sur Newspaper  2/6/2013

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Upcoming Workshops


The Casa Paoli, under the auspices of the Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities and the Flamboyán Fund for the Arts, organized a tribute concert for the sesquicentennial of the birth of tenor Antonio Paoli. The event, called 150 years of the tenor Antonio Paoli, was recorded on Saturday, March 6, 2021 in the Jesús María Sanromá Room of the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music.   Click here to enjoy a video of the entire event and here to see more photos and details of the event.

Upcoming Workshops

Since its foundation, the Center has been dedicated to researching, enriching and promoting Puerto Rican cultural values. The sheer number of events and editions carried out by the Center confirm this. One of our most important objectives is to raise awareness of, and to provide our youth and adults with the opportunity to learn to build the traditional stringed instruments that are native to our country.  To this end, the Center is currently organizing the William Cumpiano Workshop at our headquarters in Ponce; where, with the support of the Flamboyán Fund for the Arts, we will offer workshops in person or online, in string instrument making and screen printing and engraving on wood and linoleum.

Antonio Paoli and his Family

Casa Paoli, headquarters of the Folkloric Research Center of Puerto Rico, Inc., is a historic building that is part of Ponce;s Historic Zone. It is the place where Antonio Paoli (1871-1946) was born and lived until he was twelve; the great tenor who was "the first Puerto Rican to achieve international recognition in the performing arts" and "one of the most outstanding opera singers of all time." Read all about him and his family.

Antonio Paoli and his Family

Antonio Paoli and his Family

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Nuestro Centro ha auspiciado varios proyectos videográficos en torno a las artes y artesanías puertorriqueñas. Acuda a la página de Cine para disfrutar de la colección del CIFPR de documentales y producciones videográficas por seleccionados cineastas puertorriqueños como también documentales que han sido producidos por el CIFPR.

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The life and work of the great muralist Rafael Ríos Rey

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The Executive Director, Prof. Néstor Murray Irizarry and the Board of Directors of Casa Paoli / Centro de Investigaciones Folklóricas de Puerto Rico express their sincere condolences to the person who was Elsa Escabí Agostini (1923-2020) in life. She was a great collaborator in the projects of the Social Research Center of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus and the Puerto Rico Folkloric Research Center, together with her brother Pedro Escabí Agostini.

In 2015, The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP) dedicated one of its great island-wide festivals (known as La Campechada] to the prominent Puerto Rican muralist Rafael Ríos Rey (b. Ponce, 1911, d. San Juan, 1980) As part of the work related to La Campechada the ICP hired the consulting services of university professor Néstor Murray-Irizarry and graphic artist Verónica Prats to program a project that would culminate in the creation of two instructional modules on the life and work of Ríos Rey.

Thanks to the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture for allowing us to offer to the public for the first time on this page, the two modules that we undertook with much commitment, affection and pride, for the enrichment of our people and their national culture