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Casa Paoli's Virtual Video Fiesta

World videos about folklore and culture, selected by the Center

Visita al Lutier Miguel Acevedo flores

Una interesante visita virtual al taller del célebre constructor de guitarras e instrumentos de arco, el maestro artesano Miguel Acevedo Flores.

Torciendo tabacos

Este video bajado del internet muestra el proceso manual de crear un cigarro, mostrando las manos de un torcedor con las herramientas de su oficio, partiendo de un cilindro de tabaco interior comprimido, envolviéndolo con una hoja de tabaco de cubierta, y asi creando un cigarro. El tabaco interior es usualmente de un grado inferior al grado de la hoja exterior, la cual es de otra variedad,  seleccionada cuidadosamente por su uniformidad perfecta y su falta de desperfectos de ninguna clase. 

Manolín and his Banyolata

To say that Manolín Silva is just a professional artist and musician is not to say it all, because during his long life he has been many things: among them, journalist, politician, artisan, folklorist, activist, historian and poet. At the same time, Manolín is the most expert Puerto Rican player of steelband pans, having once enjoyed the mentorship of the legendary Ellie Manette, the original inventor of the Antillean musical steel drum—and, as a result of his personal association with Jamesie Brewster, the inventor of the St. Croix banyo from St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Manolín is a master banyo-ist.

          In Holyoke, Manolín Silva bumped into William Cumpiano, a renowned luthier of Puerto Rican origin. After establishing a friendship between the two, Manolin asked him to make him a banyolata, or can banjo.

    Upon returning to Vieques, Manolín Silva resumed his interest in documenting the music and characters of not only his precious little island, but also its affiliation with Antillean culture, on which he is an expert. And throughout the island of Vieques, Manolín Silva, carrying his trusty banyo-lata and his camera and recorder to interview the most interesting characters in the little town, is a ubiquitous presence in the daily life of the Island of Vieques.

Sensitive Objects

Video montage directed and produced by Roig Berrios, of the photographic works of Frank Vélez Quiñones, with music by Roig Berrios

 life and work of the late Ponce painter Julio Micheli

Galería Trinitaria presents Jaime Vázquez in the podcast 'Arte para todos', a space created to promote art and its protagonists. In this edition we review the life and work of the late Ponce painter Julio Micheli narrated by his friend Nestor Murray Irizarry of Casa Paoli.

El Velorio de Francisco Oller y Cestero

This video presents the painting "El Velorio", a masterpiece by the Puerto Rican painter Francisco Oller y Cestero (1833-1917). Details of the painting and biographical information about the artist are included.
     The production of this video was possible thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Puerto Rican Foundation for the Humanities.

The Puerto Rican dé

This fun and informal animation video written by William Cumpiano and directed by Wilfredo Echevarria of the Puerto Rican Cuatro Project 

presents a summary of the history and rules of the décima poetic form and how it developed in Puerto Rico and other Latin American countries.

El cartel: voice for the resistance

This video presents a selection of posters that collect historical events and protest speeches in Puerto Rico. It serves as a preamble to the publication "El Cartel: voice for resistance" and an exhibition of the same title organized by the Museum of History, Anthropology and Art of the University of Puerto Rico in August 2021.

Julia, toda en Mi

Julia, all in me… offers a poetic journey through the life, literary work and humanist thought of the Puerto Rican Julia de Burgos, whom the Nobel Prize in Literature, Pablo Neruda, predicts as: “one of the great poetesses of America.” ”. His intimate feelings and universal spirit are expressed in this cinematographic poem, through powerful images and a poetic narrative of deep emotional content. The story of Julia de Burgos is told in her own voice, through fragments of the letters she writes to her sister Consuelo, from her voluntary exile in New York and Cuba, from 1940 until her early death in 1953.

Proyecto ConnecCaribbean

Feature-length documentary from the Conneccaribbean project about slavery and Africa's cultural legacy in the Caribbean

Proyecto ConnecCaribbean

Short video about slavery and the cultural legacy of Africa in the Caribbean

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