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Amalia Paoli Marcano - dibujo por Walter Torres (2005)

Amalia Paoli y Marcano

Amalia Paoli (1859-1942), pianist, mezzo-soprano and singing teacher of great merit, was probably the first singer born on Puerto Rican soil who stood out: notably in Spain, Italy, Cuba and Venezuela. She was supported by the Spanish royalty of her time and pampered by  representative sectors of the economic and political power of her land. She was responsible for initiating her brother Antonio—the famous' tenor of kings and king of tenors'—in his artistic career of international fame.
    Amalia, however, abandoned her artistic life to dedicate herself to the care of her brother's voice. Her vocation as a singing teacher and her love for Puerto Rico led her to establish, together with her brother Antonio, the Paoli Academy or the Paoli Conservatory, thus creating the first great effort carried out in Puerto Rico to educate the voice of hundreds of young people in the bel canto.

     If Amalia's fame is less than Antonio's, it is only as a result of her dedication and dedication, for the good of her brothers. Only rarely—by mistake, it would seem—is that the story enhances a heroine. But Amalia was— and in a big way!—both in the world of art and in the smaller, but equally important, world that was his family.


Here you can access the complete biography of Amalia Paoli by  Nestor Murray Irizarry: (in Spanish)

Aquí pueden oír la voz de Amalia Paoli 

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