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Our Casa what is Casa Paoli, who is Paoli, and who we are

         Antonio Paoli The tenor of kings and the king of tenors
                Amalia Paoli the great Puerto Rican mezzo-soprano
                Antonio Paoli according to Wilfredo Braschi a personal view of the life and work of the great artist

                The voice of Paoli hear the magnificent voice of the great tenor in contemporary recordings

          Our board and directors   The administrators, directors, collaborators and sponsors of the Center
          History of the Center   a summary of our achievements over nearly half a century

          Friends of the Center we recognize our friends, allies, and taxpayers
           Press and praise acknowledgments that we have received of our work and achievements

          Mission and Vision what drives us and what we want to achieve

          What is folklore? the great focus of our work
          An innovative project   What

Research and Study the fruits of our work
          Monographs   published studies and approaches of the center  
                   Rafael Ríos instructional modules on the life and work of the Puerto Rican muralist Rafael Ríos Rey
          Notes for future research preliminary studies awaiting expansion
                   Mercedes Arias the great pianist from Ponce, eternal love of Juan Morel Campos

Activities Events, workshops and celebrations

              Gallery of Instruments our wonderful instrument collection on permanent display

        Past Activities   A great legacy of educational and cultural activities

               First competition for the manufacture of the old four, bordonúa and tiple  

Publications The library of publications created by the Center

Donations We depend on your support

GUILARTE The bulletin of the Center for Folkloric Research of Puerto Rico

Messages you can leave us your questions and comments here

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