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Rafael Rios Rey, muralist

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Prize awarded by AICA (UNESCO) category of best art book of 2005

Two instructional modules on the life and work of the Puerto Rican muralist Rafael Ríos Rey  (1911-1980)

available below

One of the tools that has been used by educators for many years—even before the computer came into our hands—is known as an instructional module. It is a great document for the student to work at their own pace and answer a series of exercises designed particularly for a specific topic whose content is organized with a broad vision and mission of what is to be examined. The computer made it easier and more sophisticated to prepare these modules.

     Images and extensive explanations are used on various topics or approaches to the same great theme. Sometimes you will  add music. In 2015, the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP) dedicated one of its great town festivals known as La Campechada , to the prominent Puerto Rican muralist Rafael Ríos Rey (Ponce, 1911- San Juan, 1980).

     As part of the work related to La Campechada,  hired the consulting services of university professor Néstor Murray-Irizarry and graphic artist Verónica Prats. One of the tasks assigned to Murray and Prats was to program a project that would end in the creation of two instructional modules  on the life and work of Ríos Rey. Professor Dr. Hilda Quintana voluntarily joined this project as a consultant.

     Thanks to the authorization of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture we can present for the first time to the public on this page, the two modules that we proudly carry out with so much commitment and affection  for the enrichment of our people and their national culture.



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